Santa Monica children photographer

Twins Aliyah & Adrianna {Santa Monica Family Photographer}

Logan is all grown up! {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

I've been photographing Logan since he was a baby so it was great catching up with him and his parents last week at the beach! Logan is not only walking now but he's running and has the cutest little personality. It's been great watching him grow up and being able to document it for his family... enjoy!

Little Emme! {Santa Monica Family Photographer}

I photographed this beautiful family at the beach in Santa Monica and I just couldn't get over how gorgeous little Emme was! At 20 months she's also a total sweetheart which made for quite the winning combination... Here are a few of my favorites of Emme and her mom and dad, enjoy!

Chloe & Finn {West LA Family Photos}

I photographed big-sis Chloe ages ago - she's been all over our website looking a lot like her little brother Finn looks now - huge eyes and sweet expressions and super-cuteness. It was wonderful to get to re-unite with this family and capture Finn at the same age and see how much Chloe has grown (and she is hysterical!). It is so neat to see families that are growing up together, one of the best parts of this job (even though it makes us feel old! ;) - it is pretty amazing. Love this family and all their cute moments,  including re-enacting a shot we did of Dad with Chloe and his trumpet. Totally awesome.

Lucas and Zachary {Santa Monica Family Photographer}

I photographed this lovely family at their home in Santa Monica last month as they welcomed their newest addition Zachary to the family. Big brother Lucas and baby Zachary were both such sweet little boys and total lookers! I predict these two will have no trouble finding dates to the prom, just sayin...