Santa Monica Family Photographer

Baby Declan...Crawling CUTENESS! {Los Angeles Baby Photographer}

Feels like just yesterday I was capturing this little guy's wonderful newborn photos - LOVE our Baby Steps clients and getting to see them through all the stages. It's also fun to mix it up - doing newborn photos at home where it is comfy, then at 6 mos. and up doing it in our beautiful natural light studio - then once they are walking going outside to explore together!  xo

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Paige & Austin {Los Angeles Studio Baby Photographer}

I can't believe I've been photographing Paige since she was 3 months old! So awesome to go down memory lane and see all those shoots! So excited to now get to capture her equally adorable brother Austin :)

Twins Aliyah & Adrianna {Santa Monica Family Photographer}

Sweet Connor at the Beach {Santa Monica Family Photographer}

It was so nice to meet and capture this beautiful family - mom is a friend of one of my long time clients and that is always such a nice way to meet new clients. Connor was super cute and giggly, loving the waves as they approached and even tumbling into the sand at one point and just rolling with it happily. Wonderful to meet you guys!

Logan is all grown up! {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

I've been photographing Logan since he was a baby so it was great catching up with him and his parents last week at the beach! Logan is not only walking now but he's running and has the cutest little personality. It's been great watching him grow up and being able to document it for his family... enjoy!