That's entirely up to you! We have a clean, modern, styled and naturally lit studio in Pasadena. It is mellow and beautiful - perfect for taking baby and family photos. Alternately, you can go on location - either in your home, at the beach, a park or at an alternative location of your choice, the creative session fee is the same regardless of where you shoot (as long as it is in LA or OC). The location depends primarily upon your aesthetic preferences and the age of your child. We have lots of options and recommendations and can guide you during your booking phone call.


If you are doing a pregnancy session, it really depends on how much you are showing and when you feel most comfortable! This time can be different for everyone, so we encourage you to give us a call to discuss. 

When scheduling a newborn session, we suggest that you set it up within the first two and a half weeks after birth so you can capture the wonderful tiny newborn qualities. However, any time within the first month is acceptable - we understand the first weeks after baby is born are a little hectic! We will note that we tend to focus more on the emotion of your interactions with your new baby, as well as your baby’s natural beauty rather than posing them with props - therefore we tend to be a little more flexible than companies that focus exclusively on sleeping newborns in baskets and backdrop setups as that isn’t generally our style. The next stage after newborn is 6 months (soo fun- classic giggling-baby stage), 9 months (full of personality and on the move) and 1 year (or when your child is up and walking). While EVERY baby stage is totally yummy, for best results we do strongly discourage 3 month shoots unless baby is really holding her head up and full of smiles. If you missed newborn images, we recommend waiting until 6 months - you will get a lot more out of your session. 

If you are pondering doing a birth with us, call us now to discuss! It is never too early to have a consultation and get prepared!

All sessions require fee for booking and holding a date.


We do! Ask us about our Baby Steps package that documents all those beautiful stages.


YES! and YES! Those emotional interactions are a huge part of a session with us, absolutely. And getting the grandparents in is no extra charge - those generational moments are priceless. There is only an extra fee if you would like us to photography multiple families.


While we don't limit the length of our sessions, your child will typically determine how long it lasts. On average, the majority of shoots will last between 1.5-2 hours - newborn sessions can be a bit more of a wildcard due to feedings and such. As moms ourselves, we completely understand and are ready for and accustomed to these scenarios. We want you to be relaxed and enjoy your session!


If you you do the session in our studio, our space is clean and simple, flooded with gorgeous natural light and white walls. We have a pretty bed, several luxurious rugs and chairs, as well as two couches. We keep it very clean looking so that you and your children can be the focus. While we do NOT provide props in-studio (besides environmental things like chairs and rugs and a bed etc - props aren’t really our thing). This being said, if you’d like props that is totally fine, please bring them and we are happy to incorporate them into your session. When thinking of props we encourage you to bring things that are meaningful in some way if possible (i.e. an heirloom rocking horse or a quilt/blanket/sweater or a vintage hair clip from a grandmother… you get the idea - things that will be both charming in photos and meaningful.

*BIRTHDAY: If you are celebrating a birthday it’s always fun to bring a little cake (light colored is most photogenic, definitely not chocolate ;) We don’t usually recommend balloons because it can be way too distracting for baby. Good options include: a birthday hat, a pretty and simple banner (no writing, flags etc. are good) that we can hang from the little mantle we have in studio or creatively hang outdoors on location, etc and we can do a little cake smash at the end of your shoot. It is the best!


It isn't hard to prepare for a session at your home, so don't fret! It is fun, easy and relaxed to do an in-home shoot; and believe it or not, you don't have to do a lot of clean up! And you don't need to have a large place for it to work, we are very resourceful. First things first, we will take a look around your home to scope out different places we might want to utilize. We will mostly want to be in the room that has the best light. Ultimately, we do a majority of the session in your bedroom, possibly the living room, and the nursery or yard if you have some shade. Otherwise, we will assess when we get there and help you with anything else! If your home is dark, please consider using our beautiful and well lit studio.


Simple, lovely and timeless is always good. Not too trendy but not too plain - be yourself and have fun with it! Let your personalities shine out. Some rules of thumb to follow: no wild patterns, no logos, no stripes unless they are tiny - they distract from the beautiful faces that we want to capture! Please no white and no black, try to to find colors somewhere in-between. Don't go matchy-matchy; some color coordination is fine, but having everyone in exactly the same outfit is not ideal. Solids in colors that play nicely off eachother. Fun hats and accessories are great, bring them along as we can always put them on for a few images. And if your session is on the beach - don’t be scared to use that hairspray!


The majority of our clients purchase digital copies of their images in some form ranging from a single files to the full session on disk or in a package with an album. This offers you the flexibility to archive and print your images however you like or reprint them for grandparents. We 100% understand that most people are going to want something digital. Unlike other photographers, these digital images are not sized down to limit the reproduction size. You can print these as large as you want, as often as you want. Additionally - you get to proof a TON of images. We share the cream of the crop with you - and that is typically between 90-200 images you get to select from! We’re not down with showing you “our favorite 30” as some places do - we gotta share a ton! We can’t help ourselves! Plus your child’s unique expressions are often only known to you so we want you to be able to select from lots of little sweet magic moments and ensure we capture their personality. We also offer several product packages that include digital images. We often hear the story of the “forgotten disk of wedding photos” and therefore encourage our clients to purchase something physical (like an album or wall art) with their session rather than just walk away with a disk of images. That being said, you can certainly purchase all or some of your digital files!


The greatest compliment we can receive is referral from our clients and to make it extra rewarding we have a referral rewards program! For every client you refer that books a session with us, you receive a $50 dollar credit and they do too!