Pacific Palisades Family Photography

MAYA + CLARA {Los Angeles Family Portrait Photographer}

Los Angeles Family Photographer
Los Angeles Family Photographer
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Los Angeles Portrait Photographer
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Los Angeles Children Photographer

Stella & Gemma {Pacific Palisades Children Photographer}

Twins Sydney and Hayden

These kids were CUUUUTE! We had such a good time with them and their moms running around on the beach and laughing (well, giggling - obviously ;) - it was certainly not work! The four of them just exude joy together, as you can see in the images, and it is SO, so fun to capture it. And these twins couldn't be more different: while one wanted to run into the water, the other simply wanted to play contently in the sand. Such a sweet bunch - and we managed to get a couple-shot which was awesome, we try and get those of parents whenever possible because they don't always get the opportunity to get those so we encourage it whenever you do a shoot with us. Enjoy your sneak peek - so very many more where these came from!

Baby Aidan! {Pacific Palisades Newborn Photography}

Baby Aidan was SUCH a delight, his sweet little faces and coos - his incredible cooperation through all the different set-ups we wanted to try in order to best display his total and utter cuteness... thanks Aidan, for being such a sport! He was truly a gem - the whole family was so much fun to be around, their love for each other and excitement about Aidan just fills the air and makes you smile. Super-sweet Grandma and Grandpa were there for an emotional portrait, which I always love to capture. Thanks guys for a wonderful shoot - obviously I love them all as I couldn't really narrow it down for the blog! Sooooo many more where these came from :)