los angeles twins photographer

Cason and Sloane... double the cuteness! {Los Angeles Twin Baby Photographer}

Holy adorable. These twins were a total blast to photograph and their mommy was the ultimate photo stylist! We did a regular family session at the park followed by a super adorable "destroy the cake". Sloane was definitely more interested in the desserts than Cason but they were both total hams at the session :)

Sophie & Lucille

I've been photographing these ladies since they were just a few months old and it's been such a trip watching them grow up and develop their individual personalities. Lucille is such a lover, eager to give out kisses (even I got one!) and hug her sister. Sophie is much more adventurous and independent, she prefers climbing trees, jumping on and off the bed and is not a fan of wearing clothing :) I always love going to their sessions because I never know what to expect next from them but one thing is always a constant, they just keep getting cuter! Here are a few of my favorites from our latest adventure...

Twins Jacob and Laila! {Beverly Hills Baby Photographer}

I photographed these sweet twins a few weeks ago at their home in Beverly Hills after they had just learned to walk! Though they were hard to keep up with they were so fun to photograph and so sweet together :) Here are a few of my favorite images from their session...

Alex & Alyvia {Los Angeles Twin Baby Photographer}

We photographed little Alex and Alyvia last week at their home in Palos Verdes with their parents and grandparents and I'm still amazed at how perfect they were! Holy cuteness... these two were both total dream babies. Alex was the KING of the open mouth smiles and little Alyvia lit up every time dad kissed her. It was so hard to pick just a few images from there session, they were all so fantastic! Here are just a few of my favorites :)

Twins Sophie and Lucille! {Malibu Children Photographer}

It's always a blast photographing these twins! I've been photographing them since they were babies so it was very surreal this last visit to see them running around the house and climbing up and down the stairs. They both just keep getting cuter and cuter... and harder and harder to keep up with! I love this set of photos of them and getting to see their little personalities develop... enjoy!