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WELCOMING FORD {Los Angeles Birth Photography}

Welcoming Lincoln {Los Angeles Birth Photographer}

I'm so fortunate this lovely client allowed me to share a few images of the birth of her first son Lincoln! He was born last month at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Momma was a true champion, delivering him naturally with the help of her hubby and very supportive nurses and midwives.

Welcome Baby Stella {Los Angeles Birth Photographer}

I've been photographing this family for years (ever since their first, Max, was born) so I was thrilled to document Stella's birth at Cedars this week. Little Stella's entrance was a quick one, after only a few hours of labor and 1.5 pushes she was here... lucky momma! I told Cindy she couldn't push until 6:48 (sunrise) as a joke but like clockwork she started pushing at 6:48 and Stella was born at 6:50! I should make that request more often... Here are a few of my favorite photos from Stella's birth, I'll be posting more soon after her newborn session so stay tuned :) Thanks to Cindy & Jesse for letting me share these with you...