Sherman Oaks Photographer

Little Miss Stella! {Sherman Oaks Baby Photographer}

I had such a blast photographing Stella at her home last weekend in Sherman Oaks. She is so full of personality and fancies herself quite the performer which made for some great entertainment. Some of my favorite moments from her session was photographing her in front of her "to-do" list which she clearly takes VERY seriously and then with her minnie doll (who she named "Barbara") with her "Funny Girl" poster. What a great start to my weekend, thanks for such a fun morning!

Meet Sweet Mister Max! {Sherman Oaks Baby Photographer}

Little Max was SUCH a sweetheart, he was game for absolutely anything and loved cuddling with his fam and being simply precious and just smiled his way through a variety of wardrobe changes and was so, so darling in absolutely everything - can you believe those big blues!?? The camera LOVES this little guy. He is such a magical combo of mom and dad - so darling! He never got cranky, just was a happy camper until the very end when he just got verrrrrrry sleepy, which was great for pictures too! ;) Thanks for a great session, looking forward to sharing the rest!

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Baby Ainsley!!! {Sherman Oaks Baby Photography}

I've been capturing this family for a while now - from meeting her parents for pregnancy portraits, to first meeting little Ainsley for her newborn portraits and now... 6 months! I can hardly believe that baby Ainsley is sitting up and apple-cheeked! It is crazy-wonderful to watch these kids grow up. This family is one of our Baby Steps™ clients so we have been able to capture all the different magical stages and it is so amazing to get to know them and to see this incredible baby grow into this beautiful little person. She is the sweetest thing too, with such a kind and unique personality all her own - with her looks like a Disney princess (doesn't she????) and her hair-do just like her mom's, well, the cuteness is so much fun to photograph. Thank you so much for a lovely session guys, as usual, looking forward to sharing the rest - and looking forward to capturing you walking! :)

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Baby Ben! {Sherman Oaks Baby Photographer}

Little Ben is unlike any other 3 month old I've ever photographed! He was super smiley and giggly throughout our entire session thanks mostly due to the talented dance routines his "lovie" would perform. The "lovie" was a special blanket to Ben and he cracked up every time it began to dance behind my head... whatever works! Here are a few of my favorite photos of little Ben and his parents... and of course his "lovie"!

Baby Cash { Sherman Oaks Baby and Family Photography }

This little munchkin was super fun to photograph. Though his chubby thighs made it difficult for him to sit up for very long, he was a real ham for the camera and a total joy to photograph. There are SO many cute ones from this shoot so it was really hard to pick just a few for the blog! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites :)