Pasadena Family Portraits

Baby Hank and big brother Jack {Pasadena Baby Photographer}

How fantastic to see these beautiful people again - and they have a new baby, lil' mister Hank who is just the sweetest and smiliest guy! And big brother Jack is getting so big (and smart!). We first photographed him when he was about 4 months at a darling little Photo Party a group of mom-friends put together for their husbands' as a Father's Day gift and it was fabulous. We then captured them again for extended family portraits last year and it was again wildly cute. These brothers are so funny together - I love their expressions. It has been a pleasure to photograph you guys all these years and congrats on the newest little magic man, Hank :)

Giggly Reilly {Pasadena Family Photographer}

So little Reilly was just that - giggly! She reacted SO adorably when her parents would laugh - laughing as well in her darling little baby-giggle and her smile was beyond heart-melting! She is the sweetest baby - and she loves tomatoes! When we were in the backyard she just couldn't get enough of her Mom's amazing little tomato patch! She's at this awesome crawl-walk stage where she flies across the floor on her hands and feet, laughing all the way - occasionally startling their super cute (and very old) pug. And can we talk about his pug for a second? What a total HAM! Check out that family photo on the couch - owns it! haha Thanks for a great shoot - many more to share :)

Welcome Baby Emma {Pasadena Baby Photographer}

I photographed this lovely family this past week in their new home in Pasadena with their new daughter Emma! Emma's big brother was also on hand for the session and was VERY loving with his new baby sister :) Emma was just two weeks old but was so alert and already full of personality, following and even smiling at the camera! Here are just a few of my favorite images from their session, enjoy!

Baby Lauren {Pasadena Newborn Baby Photographer}

I photographed the beautiful Lauren last weekend with her parents in Pasadena. Little Lauren was just over a week old and total perfection! She was constantly following me and the camera and stayed both awake and happy throughout the entire session... she was almost too easy to photograph but she sure made it easy for me to come back to work after the wedding. Here are just a few of my favorite images from her newborn session, enjoy!