North Hollywood Family Photographer

Cruz & Leo {Studio City Family Photography}

This family was a blast. First of all - they wanted generational shots and one of the Gmas was only in town for the weekend, so it worked out perfectly! And, as you know, we love generational shots! We did some with everyone, then just the Gmas and Grandpa too - plus, that portrait of the "Three Leos" is the ultimate generational shot, Leo I, Leo II and Leo III! Awesome. Little Cruz and Leo were such characters, and when I asked Leo to give me his biggest "giggle smile" it even made me laugh! And did I mention, we ended the session with a dance party!?! Haha. I have decided I'm going to ask all my clients to end their sessions with dance parties ;) Thanks guys for a rockin' shoot - you are all adorable!

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Sweet Baby Josephine {Los Angeles Baby Photos}

What a cute family! Beautiful baby with a beautiful name - they call her "Joy" which is so lovely. She was so adorable, and she has the sweetest expressions and such amazing eyes! She was so funny, so focused and she loved the mirror and any time she would cry they would bring it out and she would become fascinated! Probably because she was so darn cute! They were delightful and I really enjoyed capturing these - looking forward to sharing the rest!

Welcoming Baby Miles! {North Hollywood Newborn Baby Photographer}

I photographed Miles' mom and dad a few months ago while they were expecting baby Miles and completely fell in love with them so I was thrilled when they asked me to come back to photograph their newest addition! The family just moved into their new home in North Hollywood which provided for the perfect backdrop for Miles' first photo shoot with all the poppy wall colors and natural light. Miles' grandma even joined us for a few photos with her first grandson, she is the definition of the doting grandma! Here are a few of my favorites from their session, enjoy :)

Little Miss Olivia { Los Angeles Baby and Family Photography }

Miss Olivia was a total DOLL at our session last week. I knew from the moment I walked in the door and was greeted by their Boston Terrier (Zoey) that we were going to get along great :) Olivia's smiles and adorable expressions combined with Zoey's reaction to the word "squirrel" made some adorable photographs! Here are just a few of my favorites... there are so many more!

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Baby Alexander { North Hollywood Baby and Family Photography }

I had the privilege of photographing this adorable family today as they were getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas with little Alexander. The first think I noticed about this little guy was his big beautiful eyes but even more beautiful were his eyelashes! I've never seen such long lashes on anyone, let alone a 2.5 month old... I couldn't help but be a bit jealous! This family was so welcoming and easy going, it was a real joy capturing the love they have for their new son...

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