Beverly Hills family portraits

Princess Electra {Beverly Hills Kid Photography}

This adorable girl is such a sweetheart - not only can she pull off an impeccable Audry Hepburn look (her super-original theme for her birthday party!!!), but she is also such a little Disney princess all around - from her Cinderella themed bedroom to mimicking a perfect Sleeping Beauty! She is so fun to capture - this was my second time visiting Electra and her lovely mom - this time capturing them giggling and having a precious tea-time with Electra's dolls! Love it. Many more for you to see :)

Sweet Little Ava {Beverly Hills Baby Photographer}

Ava is just plain adorable! This whole (big) family was magical. Some grandparents were even visiting from Korea so it was awesome to be able to get them all together! They were just so cute and totally helpful - even to the point of singing (in a wonderful chorus behind me) Ava's favorite song which is... wait for it... the "Jeopardy!" theme!!!! I LOVED IT. It was awesome. We laughed a lot and Ava was just so smiley and wonderful and candid with her parents - it was a pleasure to capture them all. Thanks for a great shoot - many more to share :)