Baby Jay is Back! {Los Angeles Family Photography}

So this is my third shoot with Jay and his wonderful parents and what a joy this year has been since meeting them - he went from the darling newborn with the stunning head of thick black hair to the fantastic 6 month old with all the rolls (!!!!) to this darling, hysterical little boy (still with the shock of hair mind you!) and it has been such a blast. These people are so dear to me now - I love photographing them and watching them together, it is so fun to see how much they enjoy their time as a family and it shows on Jay's face - his FAVORITE thing is when mom and dad kiss! How cute is that? It makes him so happy. Was awesome to take you guys outside to the park and watch Jay's reactions to the woods and the grass - SO CUTE! Enjoy your sneak peek - as usual there are a million more where these came from :)