Dean is a Heartbreaker! {Hollywood Baby Photographer}

Oh. My. Goodness. This was my first session back after the New Year (we are SO behind on blogging - so lots to come from the holidays too - just not enough time in the day!) and I had the best time with this beautiful, silly, fabulous family. Little Dean was a dream baby - from those amazing eyes to those adorable expressions! He was so funny - he loves A) Being in his blow up duck B) Having the sheet swirled over him by his parents so they can surprise him C) Being called "Snuggle" his mom and dad's great nickname for him and D) the peek-a-boo baby around the corner game. haha! And coming from two doctors of course he is a natural - check him out giving Sophie a little checkup! Excited to show you guys a sneak peek - needless to say many more where these came from!!!