Breastfeeding Awareness and Boobie-Palooza featured in People Mag

As anyone who has been following our blog for a while knows, we are big fans of Dr. Berlin and his amazing crew over at Berlin Wellness (the LA branch, the OC branch, the Santa Monica Branch AND the Sherman Oaks branch haha) are very skilled at what they do and have been wonderful to us as well (featuring our photos in all their branches and in their Wellness Guides - go visit them and see first hand!). Anyway, we've been capturing the super-cute Berlin family for years, as well as photographing and getting to know the staff - so when Dr. B asked us to capture his latest endeavor, we were totally on board! Dr. B was going to launch a line of shirts promoting breastfeeding and his Boobie-Palooza event - all featuring cute, tongue-in-cheek and attention grabbing quotes about breastfeeding. It was a fun adventure, meeting these sweet celebs. Every single one was totally cool and okay with being silly with us : Kaitlin Olson, James Van Der Beek and his lovely wife Kimberly, Heather Tom, Ali Landry, Sarah Shahi, Jamie Lynn Grumet (from Time Magazine breastfeeding cover fame) and Nichole Hiltz. Everyone's personality really shined as they showed off their unique and hysterical quote shirts to the max! Such a great concept and it was great to be a part of it - we want to see these shirts on mommies all over town!

You can see the People Magazine post below - and head over to the Boobie-Palooza site to view them all.

Join us at #Boobie-Palooza THIS Sunday, August 5th! Be sure to use promo code GIGGLES5 to save $5! AND pick up a copy of Berlin's Informed Pregnancy guide - also featuring photos from our shoot with the lovely Sadie.