The birth of baby Rocco {Long Beach Birth Photographer}

This birth was unforgettable to say the very least. I knew from the moment I met Rhisie and Laurent I was going to enjoy documenting their birth story. Rhisie had planned a home birth but we quickly realized baby Rocco had a different plan. He decided he was quite comfortable in his breech position and no matter what everyone tried, he wouldn't budge. Her home birth then became a hospital birth and then finally a scheduled  c-section. Even though Rhisie's hospital doesn't allow photographers in the operating room she and Laurent decided that they still wanted to have me there to capture the birth story and I happily obliged. We had it all planned, Friday morning surgery... Rocco had different plans. Wednesday afternoon (after Rhisie had finished serving jury duty) Rocco decided he couldn't wait until Friday and was ready now. Here is the story of baby Rocco's first moments, thanks again to Rhisie and Laurent for having me and congratulations on your sweet baby boy.

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