Lucas Destroys the Cake!!!

It was so fun to capture another of our signature "Destroy the Cake™" Sessions with little mister Lucas - he was SO adorable. We've been doing a whole bunch of them lately because we have a bunch of upcoming birthday parties - so it has been a cake extravaganza!!! LOVING it, haha. He was such a sweet baby, cuddling with his parents at first, but then suddenly realizing he was IN NATURE and wanting to do nothing but explore and crawl and have a good old time with his awesome red wagon (that pushes! awesome!). Then, the cake came out - and at first he was SO perplexed - but he really got into it and it was fantastic and hysterical to capture. Mom and dad were so fun too, totally getting involved - they were all so delightful. Enjoy your sneak peek - can't wait to capture Lucas's party!