Twins Ruby & Josephine

Oh wow. These darling, darling babies were just... phenomenal. They, and their parents, kept me laughing the. whole. time. I mean, awesome. What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, for real. I really had a blast. We truly get to work with some of the coolest families. And honestly, at three months old - no joke - these kids were SITTING UP almost entirely on their own! It was so funny! And they loved playing airplane with dad, sticking their little legs straight out - it was the cutest thing. Then, when they finally dozed off... of course we piled ALL their stuffed animals around them and got more photos! I love that Ruby and Josephine's parents think like we do, all about the moments ;) And, then, after their power naps with their friends, they woke refreshed and ready for more photos! haha Thanks for a fantastic shoot - can't wait to share the rest (and boy are there a lot).