Avi, Orly, Isaac and Emma = A SuperFun Shoot! {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

This group was just plain fantastic. Funtastic? They were so full of personality. Little Avi, the newest addition, was a total character - and each child: from little Orly to Isaac, to eldest sis Emma had so much love for their little brother it was just precious - and they were all so excited to help each other it was pretty cool. They are a really funny crew, keeping one another fully entertained - whether exploring Grandpa's (thriving and impressive, I will note) container garden or planning their exciting day of geocaching (total adventurers) - they had a lot to say and laugh about - they clearly adore one another and it is so fun to capture. Love the moments of total peace and the moments of beautiful chaos! Classic. It was also pretty awesome to get Avi in his Superman t-shirt - Superkid :) What a fun shoot - enjoy your sneak peek, tons more where these came from!