Stunning Baby Amelia {Santa Clarita Newborn Photography}

This new little family is so so joyous. As you know, I've known them for a little while - and to watch them grow is a truly beautiful thing. You may remember them from their beautiful, woodsy and romantic preggo session not that long ago! They are such chill parents, first of all - they make parenting - even with a newborn which (duh) obviously they have never had before - seem like the easiest thing in the world. They are both so super cool about it, so totally in love with each other and little Amelia, that they are totally at ease with their new life. They were always mellow through their session, and it's pretty awesome to see how cool they make parenting look. Somehow all of our clients do that! Its rad. What's up with that? There is a lot of romance to this trio too - you can see it in the images - it just kind of radiates. They are totally smitten with their little girl, and you can see why. She is so lovely, can you believe that sweet cherub face? She is as mild mannered as her parents, rocking out to whatever was on the iPod (DJ'd by Dad) - be it ocean sounds or rock and roll - and totally at ease amidst her sea of fine-feathered stuffed animal friends. Pretty awesome shoot - yet again. Adore you guys! Congrats on beautiful Amelia! Looking forward to sharing the rest ;)