Baby Sophia is Growing Up! {Downtown Los Angeles Family Photographer}

We love all the families we meet and photograph, its the truth - they are all so unique and fun. But it is so interesting to get to know them as they grow - and that is the case with beloved Sophia and her mom and dad - I first captured her at 3 months when she was just a tiny little princess and now she has gotten so big! I can't believe it, she is SO on the move and next time we see her she is going to be walking! It never ceases to amaze us how time flies, but it is simultaneously quite magical to be able to be a part of documenting all these stages in these families lives, to see them change and grow. This session was cool because we did some indoor in their home and then ventured outside in the lovely urban garden, which Sophia just loved to explore and mom and dad just love to watch her. Thanks for a wonderful session yet again, looking forward to seeing you three for your final shoot :)