Baby Ashby Turns One - and He is Thrilled! {Downtown LA Baby Photography}

Wow. Wow is all I've got. This little guy was a total riot. His darling open-mouthed smiles were the BEE'S KNEES. He was so funny, my stomach hurt when I left. The whole family was a blast, so beautiful and sweet - and to boot it was his birthday! What a great day. We've had the good fortune of having a run of getting to photograph a lot of our little clients on their birthdays and it has been totally awesome. Their loft was just lovely and the light was exquisite, and we even managed to get some cool shots outside downtown which I loved. Thanks Ashby and Ashby's Mom and Dad for a wonderfully fantastic session - looking forward to seeing you again (in the next few weeks!!!) for more fun sessions with the rest of your fam! Enjoy your sneak peek - soooo many more where these came from :)