Giggle Picks: Berlin Wellness & their NEW OC location!

We have been long time supporters and fans of Dr. Berlin and his team of magicians (chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists) here in Los Angeles and were thrilled to learn last month they were opening a second location in Orange County... Berlin Wellness Group OC!!

Berlin Wellness Group has been around for ten years now and is at the forefront of prenatal and family wellness care. Their mission is to promote naturally comfortable and healthy pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum experiences and to support  partners and children as well. For pregnant women, if their baby is in the breech position, they can help with certain techniques to create more space for the baby to 'flip'.  They work to normalize the pelvic muscles and bones, in order to alleviate tension from the lower part of the uterus and allow the baby to settle naturally into the proper pre-birth position.  The maneuvers are also used to try to create as much functional pelvic space and relaxation as possible, in order to optimize labor and delivery and reduce the need for induction and other medical intervention. Also, they see babies and kids of all ages to make sure they are functioning to their optimal potential with great spinal health and allowing proper nerve flow to and from the brain and to all organs of the body. There are many conditions kids present with that are successfully treated with natural and holistic care (see website for more information).  The same thing goes for daddies, partners, family and friends as well!  Everyone needs to be in the best overall health possible through a pregnancy, birth, and after birth in order to be able to handle all the stresses that come along with such a great thing.

We popped by recently to hang some of our work in their office and to snap some photos of their new space, it's fantastic :) Check out their "5 Star" reviews on yelp and don't forget to "like" them on facebook to stay in the loop on their fantastic services and discounts!

They are currently offering 50% off any service of your choice to all OC clients to celebrate their grand opening.

*Offer valid at OC location only until May 31, 2011*