Baby Ryan is Getting Bigger! {Sherman Oaks Baby Photography}

You may remember adorable little Ryan from his newborn session... and his wonderful shock of dark hair. What a beautiful baby to photograph - and he's back for even more cuteness with his equally wonderful parents! Can you believe how handsome the little guy is? I absolutely love capturing this family, spending time with them is such a joy. It was pouring rain outside when we did this session but no matter - it was delightful inside and I even had a great assistant... er, cat-helper... see here is the thing: their cat Harley, who is kind of cantankerous (cat-tankerous if you like puns, and we do) is the apple of Ryan's eye, so I spent a whole lot of time cuddling Harley aloft in positions he was not particularly fond of - right next to my camera, on my shoulder etc. (when he would much rather be watching from the couch I would imagine) until he gave me that cat look for "quit it or you're gonna get it" haha. But he made Ryan laugh and smile and he is such a good, sweet assistant. Er, cat. I love when our animal friends get in the mix! It was awesome that we were even able to re-enact some "classic" moments from the newborn session. Such fun. Thanks guys, awesome session :)

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