Ms. Babydoll Sabrina! {Sherman Oaks Baby Photography}

So around these parts we are pretty smitten with baby Sabrina and her parents - not only is her mama super creative and delightful - but she will make you laugh till you about cry. No joke. Love them. Obviously Sabrina is a total gorgeous bit of perfection, and so much fun to be around. I love how in that first shot she's like - "Hey, hey GUYS!" haha. And her dad will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to make her laugh, and I have to say, I really like that in a person ;) Aaaand BONUS! Awesome Gma was visiting and you knoooowww how we love Gmas and a good grandparent shot! Whoa. Needless to say - this was a good time, and this fam is a Baby Steps™ photo stages client of ours so we were fortunate enough to have gotten to capture them when Sabrina was but a wee little 3 month old! Lucky us, as usual. Thanks guys - can't wait to share the rest!