Lovely Nicholas and Maddy! {Manhattan Beach Family Photographer}

As per our usual MO, lovelovelovelovelove this fam! Cute (ok adorable!) little Nicholas and Maddy and their parents absolutely made my day and I left with a big ol' smile on my face - you know the one - where you feel like you accomplished something creative and cool and good? That smile! Haha. They are the nicest family and I absolutely adore the images - I have learned that I love certain shots of "beautiful chaos" - I really get creatively snap-happy when I get to capture those moments of reality that are so, well, real - shots that I  know these families are going to look back at (or at least I hope!) and just laugh or cry or whatever... it's just awesome and it's in those moments that I know we are capturing something timeless. It is fulfilling on some level. The family photo below is one of those. Don't worry guys - we also got some straight-up regular classic looking-at-the-camera portraits - but that one makes me grin. And these kids are just plain awesome - and can you believe those eyelashes? Like huge butterfly wings. They are so cute, and so easygoing. Thanks for being so awesome everyone - can't wait to share the rest! :)